In the epoch of the cultural exchanges it is crucial to take Georgian literature out of isolation and offer it to an international intellectual society, which could be achieved by attracting experienced translators from different countries: developing international cultural relationships through the translation will definitely encourage an intercultural dialogue, which might serve as the guarantee of reintegrating Georgian literature into the European context.

The goal of the web-site – “Translation Laboratory. Georgian Literature” – is to broaden the geography of Georgian literature translation and encourage translational work in Georgia so that Georgian literary creations and scientific works could be popularized and internationalized in the near future. The priority of the web-site is to place translations from Georgian into English. It is focused on three directions:

  1. Translation of fiction;
  2. Translation of scientific works (in the field of literary studies);
  3. Translation through an intermediate language.

Web-site will include: the qualified and needed information about Georgian literature, foreseeing the inheritance of Georgian classic and contemporary writers; data base of Georgian authors and translators; extensive fragments of Georgian original and translated texts. All this information will be available for literary agencies and publishing houses beyond Georgia. It is considered that the web-site will be placed in the international internet space.

Major results:

  • To familiarize foreign colleagues with the reality of Georgian Literature and literary studies;
  • To encourage contemporary foreign translators and specialists to get interested in translating Georgian literary texts, in the long term publishing prospective;
  • To reach an objective assessment of the current translational practice in Georgia and set realistic goals.


  • Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA);
  • Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature.


  • The group of translators, functioning within the frame of Georgian Comparative Literature Association (GCLA) and centered on translation of fiction;
  • The group of translators, functioning within the frame of Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature and centered on translation of scientific texts (in the field of literary studies);
  • The group of invited translators with high qualification.