Teona Dolenjashvili

Fiction Writer, Script Writer, Essayist

Teona Dolenjashvili was born in 1972 in Kutaisi. He graduated from Tbilisi State University, the faculties of journalism and cinematography. For some time, she has been working for television as an author and host of cultural programmes. Later she became a reporter of Georgian press. While working for Georgian press she has been awarded prizes for “Reader’s Sympathy” and “The Author of the Most Resonant Articles of the Year”. She writes columns “Talks About Literature” for the magazine “Focus” and the newspaper “24 saati” (24 Hours). Her short stories are translated into German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani languages. Furthermore, her works are published in different collections of those countries. In 2005, film director Gio Mgeladze filmed a movie based on her short story “Fidai” with the same title.

  • January River, a collection of short stories (2005)
  • Memphis, a novel (2008)
  • Newspaper “Parnasi” (Parnassus) Prize for the Best Short Story “Fidai” (2004)
  • Literary Award Saba, The Best Debut of the Year, for the collection of short stories “January River” (2006)
  • Literary Award Saba, The Best Novel of the Year for “Memphis” (2009)