Tamri Pkhakadze

Fiction Writer, Literary Critic, Playwright

Tamri (Tamar) Pkhakadze was born on July 28, 1957 in Tbilisi. In 1974, she finished school 24 and musical ten-year secondary school in Piano. In 1979, she graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of philology. From 1980 to 2006, the writer worked at Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature at the department of Old Georgian Literature. She has defended dissertation on the topic: Davit Cholokashvili’s Life and Creative Works. Her first short stories were published in 2001. She is an editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Triasi”. In 2012, Tamri Pkhakadze was the panel member of the literary contest “Litbunioba” organized by literary portal “Urakparak”.

  • Until They Call Us, prosaic collection (2003)
  • Two I-s, a novel (2005)
  • Passions, prosaic collection (2006)
  • Flying, a play (2007)
  • Three of Us and Angel, a novel (2007)
  • CV, a novel (2009)
  • Kitchen Garden in the Conflict Zone, short stories (2010)
  • Three Under The Sun, Selected short stories (2011)
Children’s Bibliography
  • Khachapuri, a collection of children’s verses and poems (2007; 2009)
  • Khachapuri, children’s poem (2010)
  • Gio in Africa, children’s poem (2011)
  • Globusa’s and Luka’s Adventure, A long adventurous fairy tale (2011)
  • Joyful Train, Children’s poem (2012)
  • Moving Figures, author of verses (2012)
  • Three Fairy Tales for New Year, collection of fairy tales (2012)
  • Praise of Alphabet, verses (2012)
  • Illustrated Calendar for Children, author of the verses (2012)
Theatrical Performances
  • Flying, Khulo Theatre, director Roin Surmanidze (2009)
  • Flying, Bolnisi Municipal Theatre, director Zurab Khvedelidze (2010)
  • Short Story “War or Peace” staged as mini-performance at “Book House”. Actors Davit Defi Gogibedashvili and Tamri Pkhakadze
  • Kitchen Garden in Conflict Zone, Zestaponi State Drama Theatre, director Mamuka Tsertsvadze (2010)
  • Kitchen Garden in Conflict Zone, Free Theatre, director Avtandil Varsimashvili (2011)
Radio Performances
  • Lesson, Radio-Theatre of Public Broadcaster, director Badri Mikashavidze (2002)
  • Until They Call Us, Radio-Theatre of Public Broadcaster, director Badri Mikashavidze (2004)
  • Winner of the literary Contest organized by Diogene Publishers for the fairy tale “A story of a Little Frog, Kiki” (1996)
  • Second Prize at a Literary Contest “Luarsab Tatkaridze” for the short story “Time is of What?” (2001)
  • Third prize for the short story “Lesson”, Literary Contest “Pen-Marathon 2002” organized by Diogene Publishers” (2002)
  • Literary Contest organized by the Association “Kvali”, short story “Double Day” was named among top five stories (2003)
  • Literary Award “Saba” in the nomination “The Best Debut of the Year”, for the collection of short stories “Until They Call Us” (2004)
  • Special Prize of the newspaper “Kviris Palitra” for the short story “Kitchen Garden in Conflict Zone” (2005)
  • Gold Feather, for children’s novel “Magician Marsia with Long Nose, King Butkhuz First and Others” (2009)