Revaz Inanishvili

Fiction Writer, Classic Writer

Revaz Inanishvili was born on December 20, 1926 in Khashm, Sagarejo region. He finished five classes in his native village. In 1937, his family moved to Tbilisi. After finishing secondary school, during wartime, in 1943-45 he worked at the 31st factory. He continued his studies at Technical Institute of Aviation. He did not graduate from that institution. In 1947, he entered Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of philology. In 1949, he dropped out of the university because of his sister’s family problems. He started working on the construction of the channel. In 1951 he resumed his studies and graduated from Tbilisi State University, the faculty of philology. In 1960 he started working at publishing house “Nakaduli” (Stream). In 1966 he moved to film studio “Georgian Film”. From 1985 to 1988, he worked as a secretary of Writers’ Union. From 1989 till the end of his life he was an editor of the journal “Dila” (Morning). He published his first short story “Souvenir” in the almanac “First Ray” in 1950 and his first collection “First Short Stories” in 1953. His works are translated into Russian, Ukrainian, German, Bulgarian, Armenian and other languages. Revaz Inanishvili dies in 1991. He is buries in Didube Pantheon.

Main Collections:
  • From Letters Written to a Friend (1958)
  • Drops on Leaves (1962)
  • Blue Roll (1968)
  • Evening Records (1971)
  • Mockingbird Flies towards Plain Land (1974)
  • Wintering of Birds (1978)
Collections for Children:
  • Happy Mountain (1960)
  • Bobo (1964)
  • Where Does the Fairy Tale Writer Live (1970)
  • Wolf Puppies (1973)
  • Remote White Summit (1976)
Films Shot according to the Script
  • Holidays
  • Returned Smile
  • Someone is Late for the Bus
  • A Farm in the Mountain
  • Summer in a Village (co-author: Otar Ioseliani)
  • Wish Tree (based on Giorgi Leonidze’s book, co-author: Tengiz Abuladze)
  • Sands will Remain (co-author: Giorgi Shengelaia)
  • Shota Rustaveli State Prize for the children’s collection of short stories “Remote White Summit” (1976)