Nestan-Nene Kvinikadze

Writer, Script Writer, Journalist

Nestan-Nene Kvinikadze was born on June 5, 1980 in Tbilisi. She is an author of a number of movie scripts and plays. In addition, Nestan-Nene has published prosaic collections and one novel. Since 2006 she has been an editor-in-chief of a bilingual (Georgian-English) magazine “Focus”. Her essays and articles are regularly being published in the magazine “Anabechdi” (Fingerprint). She is a producer of a talk show “Dghis Show” (Day Show) on broadcasting company “Rustavi 2”.

  • Techno of Jaguars (2008)
  • Nightingales of Isfahan (2004)
  • Amargi (a documentary novel) (2000)
Prosaic Collections:
  • Herself: short stories: Dedicated to Toma (2005)
  • Singing Fountains (2002)
  • Unanimously (2000)
  • Minus 37 – My Vision/Silence/July (together with Tamar Shavgulidze) (2003)
  • Klasobana (together with Tamar Shavgulidze) (2003)