Lasha Bugadze

Writer, Playwright

Lasha Bugadze was born on November 1, 1977 in Tbilisi.

He graduated from I. Nikoladze Art College and Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, the Faculty of Drama and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the Faculty of Art.

Short Stories:
  • Box (1998)
  • The Murder of a Century (Theatrical sketches, 2000)
  • The Third Floor (2003)
  • Last Bell (2004)
  • Gold Era (2006)
  • Caricaturist (2008)
  • The Literature Express (2009)
  • The Literature Express, in English (translated by Maia Kiasashvili), Dalkey Archive Press (2013)
Collections of Plays:
  • 25 Small Plays (2005)
  • While the Main Character was Sleeping (2006)
  • Mothball (2007)
  • Otar and Other Plays (2008)
  • Head (2010)
  • Daily TV soap opera “Before Sleeping” (Georgian Public Broadcasting 1 Channel, 2000-2002)
  • Otar (1998, Tbilisi, producer D. Sakvarelidze)
  • That Chair and This Bed” (2001, London, Riverside Studi, producer D. Gurji)
  • La Comédie Française (2001, Festival of Seven-Minute Plays, Tbilisi-Paris, producer D. Sakvarelidze)
  • Political Play (2001, Bydgoszcz (Poland), producer A. Orekhovsky)
  • Caprichio (2001, Tbilisi, “Small Theatre”, producer L. Tsuladze)
  • Tatiana’s Indignation (2003, Moscow Art Theatre, Festival of “New Drama”, producer M. Ugulava)
  • Nugzar and Mephisto (2003, Tbilisi, “Royal District Theatre”, producer G. Tavadze)
  • President and a Security Boy (2006, Tbilisi, Rustaveli Theatre, producer R. Sturua)
  • Animate Beings, Animate Processes + Inanimate Objects (2007, Tbilisi, Rustaveli Theatre, producer D. Sakvarelidze)
  • Mothball (2008, Batumi, producer R. Ioseliani)
  • Seven Small Plays (2010, Tbilisi, M. Tumanishvili Theatre, producer Z. Getsadze)
  • Tsitsino’s World (2010, Le Plessis théâtre La Riche, France, producer K. Schwartzenberg)
  • While the Main Character was Sleeping (2010, Poti, producer I. Gogia)

His works are translated and published on Georgian, Russian, Armenian, French, German, English and Polish languages.

Lasha Bughadze’s personal exhibition of caricatures and graphic works was held in Basel (Switzerland, 1995) and Tbilisi (“Baia-Gallery”, 1996).

He hosts television and radio programmes on different channels. In addition, he has his own column “Comments about Moon” in the newspaper “24 Hours” and weekly literary-public columns in the journals “Tabula” and “Liberal”.

  • Caricaturists’ Festival in Gabrov (Bulgaria) (1989)
  • Literary Award “Tsinandali” for the Best Play of the Year “Otar” (1999)
  • Literary Award “Saba” for the Best Play of the Year “Nugzar and Mephisto” (2003)
  • The book-shop chain “Parnassus” prize “The Bestseller of the Year” for the novel “The Last Bell” (2005)
  • Literary Award “Saba” for the novel “The Golden Era” (2006)
  • The book-shop chain “Parnassus” prize “The Bestseller of the Year” for the novel “Golden Era” (2007)
  • Russian Theatrical Prize “Triumph” in dramaturgy (2007)
  • Award of British Radio BBC for the play “When Taxi Drivers are Attacked” (2007)
  • The Second Prize at the Competition of Bakur Sulakauri Publishing “Top Fifteen Short-Stories (for the short-story “Home-work: Rostom-Khan”, 2010)
  • Theatrical Award “Duruji” for the best contemporary Georgian play of 2011 (“Mothball”)
  • The winner of the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition 2011 (The First Prize) for the play “The Navigator” (translated into English by Maia Kiasashvili)