Jemal Karchkhadze

Fiction Writer

Jemal Karchkhadze was born in 1936, in the village Ukhuti, Vani region and died in 1998 in Tbilisi. In 1960 he graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of philology. In 1961-1982 he worked at Ministry of Culture, Puppets Theatre and Film Studio “Georgian Film”. His first short story – “Abzianidze’s Family” was published in 1962. It was followed by a collection of short stories and novels. He is buried in The Didube Pantheon.

Karchkhadze’s works are translated and published in Russian, Czech, German and other languages. Together with Davit Tserediani he translated Halldor Laxness’ “The Atom Station”, Lion Feuchtwanger’s The False Nero, Rudyard Kipling’s Fairy tales, Brother Grimm’s Fairy Tales, etc.

  • Miracle, a collection of short stories (1967)
  • Eleventh Commandment, a collection of short stories (1979)
  • Lodger, a novel (1979)
  • Day One, a collection of short stories (1982)
  • Caravan, a novel (1984)
  • Antonio and Davit, a collection of short stories (1987)
  • Zebulon, a novel (1988)
  • A Fairy Tale about King’s Daughter and Shepherd Boy, a short story (1989)
  • Jupiter’s Regret, a short story (1994)
  • Flower of Magnolia or Grandmother Ann’s Death, a short story (1998)
  • Dimension, a novel (2001)
  • Antonio and Davit, translated into Swedish language, Ruis Press (2013)
  • State Award of Georgia for the novel “Dimension” (1999)