Guram Dochanashvili

Fiction Writer

Guram Dochanashvili was born on March 26, 1939 in Tbilisi. In 1946, he entered the segregated boys’ school 1. His classmates and close friends were Merab Kostava, Zviad Gamsakhurdia, Jondo Metreveli, Anatoli Mikadze, Vova Sikharulidze, Tamaz Gunjua, Temur Tsertsvadze, Guram Skhirtladze and others. In 1956, Guram Dochanashvili was accused of Anti Soviet propaganda and the court sentenced him three years in prison. However, later it was replaced by suspended sentence. In 1957, he finished secondary school 61 and musical school (violin). He entered Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of history and actively participated in archeological expeditions. He played at university orchestra. In 1962, he graduated from Tbilisi State University. From 1962 to 1975, Guram Dochanashvili worked for Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography as a scientific member of the staff of the department of archeology. During this period, he participated in a number of archeological expeditions studying the Stone Age. From 1975 to 1985, he managed the prose department of the literary magazine “Mnatobi”. From 1985 to present, he is an editor-in-chief of the film studio “Georgian Film”. Guram Dochanashvili’s short stories debuted in the newspaper “Tsiskari” in 1961. The writer’s works are translated into many languages and a number of famous films and television plays are made according to his works.

  • Across the Mountain. Short stories (1966)
  • The Step. Short stories (1969)
  • Glad Hill. Short stories (1971)
  • First Garment. A novel. Book 1 (1975)
  • First Garment. A novel. Book 2 (1978)
  • First Garment. A novel. Book 3 (1980)
  • First Garment. A novel. Book 4 (1990)
  • Affair. Short stories (1974)
  • Short Stories (1976)
  • The Best Grand-Father. A Fairy Tale for School Children (1976)
  • First Garment. A novel (1982)
  • Two Short Stories (1984)
  • Platform. Short stories (1988)
  • Four Short Stories (1991)
  • Short Stories. Second Edition (1987)
  • A Man Who Loved Literature (2001)
  • Five Short Stories (2002)
  • Brother’s. A short story (2002)
  • Waterloo or Reconstruction Works. A short story (2002)
  • Only One Man. Short stories (2002)
  • First Garment. A novel (2002)
  • He was Seeking: Some Kind of Short Story, Partially Detective (2002)
  • Difficult. Short stories (2002)
  • Khorumi is a Georgian Dance. Play (2003)
  • Boulder on Which Once there was a Church, a novel (2002)
  • Western Omara and Givia and Planet Hollywood. A novel (2005)
  • Until the Time. Short stories (1991)
  • The Kezheradzes. Four short stories (2005)
  • Collected Stories. In Four Volumes (2003)
  • Song without Words (1983)
  • What I Remember and Recollect More Often (2010)
  • Literary Award Saba for The Contribution in the Development of Literature (2010)
  • Saint George’s Order for Establishing Moral Values, Patriarchate of Georgia (2013)