Giorgi Bundovani

Poet, Multimedia Artist

Giorgi Bundovani was born in 1969, in Tbilisi.

From 1990 his works have been actively published in various literary journals, almanacs and other periodical editions (“Rubikon”, “Mesame Gza” (The Third Road), “Alternativa” (Alternative), etc. In 1991, he, together with the poet Zurab Rtveliashvili, founded “The Order of Georgian Poets” Chronophags – the second official poetical coterie after “The Blue Horns”. They have published collection of poems jointly: “Chronophags” (1992), “Anomalous Poetry” (1993).

  • Legalization of Silence
  • Starting Point (together with the poet Marika Zhorzholiani)
  • Selected “Manifesto of Anti-Existence”