David Dephy

Poet, Fiction Writer, Performer, Multimedia Artist

David Dephy Gogibedashvili was born on June 21, 1968, in Tbilisi.

He finished Tbilisi Experimental School 1. In 1992, he graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, the faculty of architecture. Since then he has been engaged in various fields of mass media: newspapers, radio, and television. In Georgian TV channel “Meore Arkhi” (The Second Channel) Dephy created an original media project “Mze-Ra”. From 1995 to 2000, he collaborated with outstanding film directors Otar Ioseliani and Nana Jorjadze. He is the inspirer and participant of a number of poetic performances and demonstrations. During the “Rose Revolution” he was one of the leaders of the disobedience movement. He carried out a poetic action “Otkhi Stiqia” (Four Elements). On 21 May, 2004, he founded a poetic order “Samkauli” (Adornment). He released a book “Adornment” and an audio album in two parts “Let Me Go Up to the Heaven”. During the Russian invasion he joined the army of volunteers and set up headquarter of civil solidarity. In 2008 Dephy accomplished a poetic project “Observatory” in which, for the first time, he used quadraphonic sound alongside the visual performance. This project was presented at Lemberg International Literary Festival. In 2010, he released his poetic audio-album Daphiony Supernova Domine.

In 1994, he published collected essays “Dead Time”, which was about the fate of the men of that time. The book consists of the citations from the Bible and included psychological aspects of men’s behavior. In 2000, an original collection of dialogues “PS – Dialogues with Book Characters” was issued. Since 2003, his three novels: “Let My Twin Find Me”, “The December Talisman” and “Expecting Miracles at Dawn” have been published. A novel “Let My Twin Find Me” has been translated into German language. In 2007, he published his translation of Kahlil Gibran’s “The Prophet and in 2008, “Demna Gedevanishvili” a novel in two parts with a prologue and epilogue and with continuation in internet was released. On 8 August, 2008 during the Russian invasion he founded headquarter of civil solidarity and confronted Russian aggression with protest movements. He is the author of the slogan “Stop Russia”. In 2003, Dephy published a book of verses “Emerald and Sapphire”. In 2004 he published his poetic trilogy “Ravage”, which includes three independent books: “And”, “There”, “Heaven”. In 2006, a collection of verses “Samkauli” (Adornment) and an audio-album “Let Me Go Up to the Heaven” were released. Later, Dephy created a new project “High Definition”, which included his audio and video poetry named “Daphiony – Supernova Domine”. In 2008, its part called “Observatory” was introduced at the Lemberg International Festival and received approval from Ukrainian media. In 2011, Dephy became a member of New York writers and poets society Ledig House. His short story “Before the End” became The Best European Fiction 2012 by Aleksandar Hemon. (The USA, Chicago. New York, “Dalkey Archive Press”). In 2011, David Dephy was invited in New York together with Ledig House by Salman Rushdie and others in Pen World Voices Festival. He had a big poetry live show “The Second Skin” with Laurie Anderson in New York. Laurie Anderson wrote music specifically for Dephy’s poetry. The performance was shown in Manhattan, Lexington Avenue on 29 April, 2011. Pulitzer Prize winner, American poet Yusef Komunyakaa participated in the performance. The same year Annual Poetry Festival of Netherlands “Revolution” invited David Dephy.

In April 2011, part of his poetry translated into English from the book “Shining”, in addition, the verse “21 Ritual Kisses” appeared on one of the most important literary websites of New York, Wild River Review. The same website publishes an interview with him. In August he finishes his new cycle of poetry “Absolute New York” and starts one more new cycle “We Will All Leave This Place Alive”.

  • The All Mysteries of the Universe. A novel (2014)
  • David Dephy, We will all Leave This Place Alive. Poetry, Books in Vake (2012)
  • David Dephy, Sevdia (Poetry) Books in Vake (2011)
  • Gardens. A novel (2010)
  • DNM Symphony. Poetry. Book in Three Volumes (2010)
  • Daphiony SUPERNOVA DOMINE. Poetry. An audio album (2009-2010)
  • Ravage. Poetry (2009)
  • Shining SUPERNOVA DOMINE. A collection of verses (2009)
  • Demna Gedevanishvili. A novel (2008)
  • There. A collection of verses (2008)
  • Audio Album “Let Me Go Up to the Heaven” (2007)
  • Adornment. A collection of verses (2007)
  • The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran. Translated from English (2007)
  • “Finde mich mein Zwillingsbruder“. (A novel “Let My Twin Find Me” German Translation) (2007)
  • And, There, Heaven, a collection of verses (2006)
  • Let My twin Find Me. A novel (2005)
  • Expecting Miracles at Dawn. A novel (2004)
  • The December Talisman. A novel (2003)
  • “P.S.” – The Original Collection of Dialogues (2003)
  • Emerald and Sapphire. Verses (2003)
  • Dead Time (1994–1997)
Electronic Editions:
  • David Dephy, The Twelve Angels, (Poetry) The USA, New York, website and publication, Wild River Review – Wild River Books. USA (2012)
  • Davit Dephy, Absolute New York, (Poetry). (Published on the website dephy.ge) (2011)
  • David Dephy, Lilac Puppy on White Cloth, (a short story) Brazil, translator: Fabio Guimaraes Bensusen, Lumme (2014)
  • David Depgy, Chair, (a short story) Brazil, translator: Fabio Bensusen, Lumme (2013)
  • David Dephy, Expecting Miracles at Dawn, (a novel) Brazil, translator: Umero Cardoso, Lumme (2013)
  • David Dephy, Words Before Words, (a novel) Brazil, translator: Amarilis Anchieta, Lucia Hugueney, Éclair Antonio Almeido Philo, Lumme (2013)
  • David Dephy, Gardens and The Pandemonium, Brazil, translator: Umero Cardoso, Lumme (2013)