Dato Barbakadze

Poet, Fiction Writer, Translator

Dato Barbakadze was born in 1966 in Tbilisi. In 1991, he graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of philosophy and psychology. In 1991, he founded a literary video-journal “Dato Barbakadze’s Journal” which was regularly performed at Tbilisi State University until 1994. In 1994, he taught a course comprised of twelve lectures analyzing the ongoing European literary-philosophical context and its history. In addition, the lectures covered the analysis of the theoretical basis of Dato Barbakadze’s poetry. In the same year he also founded a literary journal “Polilogue” (four issues were published). In 1996 he founded literary journal “Literature” (four issues were published).

From 1999 to 2001, he taught courses in the history of philosophy, introduction to philosophy, logics and aesthetics in different state and private higher educational institutions. In 1998-2000, he worked as a translator at Rustavi 2.

In 2002-2005, he lived in Germany as a free literary worker. Meanwhile, he was studying philosophy, Ancient History and Sociology at the University of Munster. In 1998, on the basis of the journal “MISSIVES” published in France, he participated in the implementation of the first Post-Soviet retrospective project of Georgian Writing. In 2004, by his initiative and supervision, one issue of the literary journal “Salz” was completely dedicated to contemporary Georgian Writing.

In 2005-2008 Dato Barbakadze was the project coordinator of “Irmis Nakhtomi”. In 2009, he was the coordinator of the scholarly competitions of Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation.

His works are translated and published in French, German, English and Post-Soviet people’s languages. His poetic and essayistic texts are periodically published in European literary journals and anthologies. He has been awarded a number of literary prizes and scholarships in different foreign countries. He is a member of a number of international literary societies.

  • Condolences to Fall (1991)
  • Longing for Logic (1993)
  • Putting the Question (1994)
  • One Minute or One Life Before the Journey (1994)
  • Roofer (1995)
  • Negation of the Summary (1999)
  • Essential Steps (2001)
  • The Songs of Lake Embankment (2004)
  • Das Dreieck der Kraniche (Ludwigsburg, 2007)
  • Poems 1984-2004 (2008)
  • The Catalogue of Poems Written for the New Collection of Poems (2008)
  • Die Poetik der folgenden Sekunde (Klagenfurt, 2008)
  • Ars Poetica (2010)
  • Wesentliche züze und zwölf andere Gedichte (Neubiberg, 2010)
  • For Protecting theMemory (2013)
  • Mutation (1993)
  • Achilles’ Second Heel (2000)
  • Short Prose 1989-2010 (2011)
  • Die Leidenschaft der Märtyrer (Berlin, 2012)
  • Poetry and Politics (1992)
  • Resistances Head-On (1994)
  • Questions and Social Environment (2000)
  • Fragmentarium I (2007)
  • Fragmentarium II, III (2008)
  • Fragmentarium IV (2011)
  • Fragmentarium I-VII (2013)
Correspondence Literature:
  • D/D (2006)
  • Unrealistically (2010)
  • Continuation (2012)
  • Paul Celan’s Poems (1992)
  • Rita Steinwendtner’s Novel Red Pool (1992)
  • Collection of European and American Poetry. I Volume (1992)
  • From XX-Century German Poetry (1992)
  • Hans Arp’s Poetry (1992)
  • II Volume (1993)
  • Georg Trakl’s Poems (1999)
  • III Volume (2001)
  • Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s Poems (2002; 2007)
  • Marianne Gruberg’s Poems (2008)
  • XX Century American Poets (2008)
  • Ernst Meister’s Poems (2009)
  • Translated due to Circumstances (2011)
  • Banesh Hoffmann’s Biographic Book about Albert Einstein (2012)
  • V. Pack’s and A. Baraniuk’s Biographic Book about Robert Fisher (2012)
  • XX Century German Poetry (2012)

Dato Barbakadze’s poetry has been translated and published in German, French and Russian languages.