Beso Khvedelidze

Fiction Writer, Poet, Journalist

Beso Khvedelidze was born on December 18, 1972 in Tbilisi. In 1996, he graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, the faculty of journalism. From 2003 to present, he has been working as an editor-in chief of the journal “Almanakhi” (Almanac). In addition, he is an editor-in-chief of the literary almanac “Akhali Targmanebi” (New Translations). He worked as a military correspondent at the Ministry of Defence of Georgia and later as a Disk Jockey at the First Radio. Nowadays, his works are published in a number of literary journals and almanacs.

  • Wild Flowers (2000)
  • The Other Side of a Medal, a collection of verses (2001)
  • The Witchcraft, a collection of short stories (2002)
  • The Mother of Sorrow, film-poem (2004)
  • It’s a Dog’s Life, a collection of short stories (2004)
  • Duck’s Tolma (co-author Maka Mikeladze) (2005)
  • A Huge Market, a novel (2006)
  • Relay (2007)
  • The Taste of a Mouse, a collection of short stories (2009)
  • Red, a collection of short stories (2012)
  • Tamro, a collection of short stories (2013)
  • The Taste of Ashe, in German language, translators: Anastasia and Luka Kamarauli, Publishing House Leipziger Literaturverlag (2013)
  • “Pen-Marathon 2002” Special Prize from General Sponsor (2002)
  • Literary Award “Saba” in the nomination “The Best Collection of Short Stories” for “The Witchcraft” (2003)
  • Young Artists Competition “Tsinandali”, in the nomination for “The Best Prose” (2003)
  • “Pen-Marathon 2004” , for the Best Short Stories (Laureate) (2004)
  • Literary Award “Tsero” (Crane) (Laureate) (2007)
  • Russian Literary Magazine “Oktyabr” (October), Prize for The Best Short Story of The Year (2009)
  • International Literary Competition “Literary Bridges” (Azerbaijan) (Laureate) (2010)
  • Literary Award “Lit-Names” (Laureate) (2010)
  • Literary Award “Saba” in the nomination “The Best Prosaic Collection of the Year” for “Red” (2012)