Beka Kurkhuli

Fiction Writer

Beka Kurkhuli was in 1974 in Tbilisi. In 1991, he finished Tbilisi I Experimental School. In 1991-1996 he studied at Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, faculty of drama. From 1991 his works have been published in literary periodicals.

In 1999-2004, he was a reporter of “Morning Newspaper” in conflict regions of Georgia and Caucasus. In 2006, he defended a dissertation on the topic “Campaigning-Piracy in Mountainous Region of East Georgia”. His first short stories were published in 1991 in the newspaper “Mamuli” (Home Country). Since then, his works are periodically published in Georgian literary journals: “Alternativa” (Alternative), “Arili” (Aryl), “Chveni Mtserloba” (Our Writing), “Tsignebi” (Books) (newspaper “24 Saati” (24 Hourse), “Parnasi” (Parnassus), “Literaturuli Palitra” (Literary Palette), “Literaturuli Gazeti” (Literary Newspaper).

  • Full Stop… Lost People of Lost Territory (2004)
  • House in Different Place, prose (2005)
  • Meeting after That, a collection of stories (2010)
  • A Story of Two Moons, a novel (2012)