Basa Janikashvili

Fiction Writer, Dramatist

Basa Janikashvili was born on May 24, 1974 in Tbilisi. He graduated from Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, faculty of drama art. From 1996 his verses, stories and plays have been published in literary journals. In 1999 Georgian Public Broadcasting staged his radio play “In Kakabadzes”. In 2001 Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre staged a play “The Role Model”. In 2002 Traverse Theatre Edinburgh organized literary reading of his “The Role Model”. The same year Basement Theatre staged a play “Instinct” by French dramaturgists Jean-Jacques Bricker and Moris Laseg. The translation was made by Basa Janikashvili. In 2003 Georgian First radio staged his radio play “The Role Model”. In May 2003, there was organized a literary reading of the play “Neighbours” in Theatre DOC, (Russia) and within the frameworks of the festival “Baltic House” (Saint-Petersburg). In September, 2003 his play “Neighbours” was presented at the festival “New Drama”. In 2003 Free Theatre staged his play “Neighbours”.

  • A Mosquito, stories, plays (1999)
  • With Dreams in Cairo (2004)
  • Until We Got Acquainted, a play (2005)
  • Suliko, a comedy in two acts (2008)
  • Absurdistan, a novel (2009)
  • Dictatorship, a radio play in one act
  • Playing War, play-novel (2010)
  • Literary Award “Saba”, for the Best Collection of Plays “Until We Got Acquainted” (2006)